LEFT BEHIND Trivia Game 1. At the start of, THE VANISHING, how old is Judd?

A) 14
B) 15
C) 16
D) 17

2. At the end of THE VANISHING, Judd, Ryan, Lionel and Vicki all meet up with each other where?

A) New Hope Village Church
B) the Global Community
C) the Village Meetinghouse
D) Judd's house

3. Who is the four teens' bible mentor?

A) Taylor Graham
B) Darrion Stahley
C) Leon Fortunato
D) Bruce Barnes

4. In FACING THE FUTURE, what group do the kids form?

A) The Antichrist Avengers
B) Kids Tribulation Force
C) Young Evangelists
D) Global Community Activists

5. What does Vicki and Judd's high school get renamed?

A) Nicolae Carpathia High
B) Bruce Williams High
C) The Underground
D) The Global Community

6. Who gets thrown into the Northside Detention Center for helping to produce The Underground, the secret, evangelical student newspaper?

A) Judd
B) Ryan
C) Vicki
D) Lionel

7. The global earthquake kills which two people?

A) Mr. Washington and Bruce Barnes
B) Vicki and Mr. Stein
C) Mrs. Jenness and Nicolae Carpathia
D) Chaya and Ryan Daley

8. After a dangerous trip to Israel, Judd goes into hiding from the Global Community and discovers what?

A) a secret passageway
B) hidden documents
C) mind altering drugs
D) a dead body

9. What is Peacekeeper 1?

A) a satellite
B) a ship
C) a mission strategy
D) a tank

10. According to Bruce Barnes, what will happen once the Antichrist signs a pact with Israel?

A) seven years of tribulation
B) a great flood
C) an eternity of purgatory
D) annihilation of all those left behind

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